Angelfish Keeping – From The Beginning

Angelfish keeping is among the most popular within the fishkeeping hobby. Angelfish are one of the first fish that most new fishkepers choose, but all too often the little fish they thought were so cute become adults and want to breed. The once peaceful tank becomes a battlefield and the happy new fishkeeper frustrated.

I created this site to be a resource for everything related to angelfish. I have been keeping and breeding angelfish since 1968. At the time I was an angling fanatic … and I do mean fanatic. I was out fishing every day of the week. But all that needed to change when I became a father and I realised that I would not see my son grow up if I kept up the pace of my angling hobby.

Quite coincidentally at about the same time I saw an advert for tropical fish in a local news shop. I decided to answer the ad and soon found myself in the hallway of a nearby house where the owner had set up a big rack of tanks along the wall. I remember thinking what a long suffering wife he must have to tolerate such an intrusion into the house.

I’d never seen a tropical fish before this encounter and I was absolutely smitten. Like most starters I quickly bought myself a tank and some livebearers and my lifelong love of this hobby began.

I became engrossed in everything to do with tropical fish studying everything I could find and it wasn’t long before my attention turned to breeding. Since most common livebearers don’t take any great skill to breed I started to try my hand at breeding egg laying species.

I’ve bred many species of tetras along the way but very early on I get turned on to Cichlids. I liked the fact that they took care of their young and seemed to pair for life in many cases.

Not surprisingly, since they were commonly available, the first of the many Cichlids that I tried my hand at breeding were angelfish. Since then I have bred literally thousands of angels and over 40 years later I’m still breeding them.

In the pages and posts of this website I will be sharing the experiences I have gained during my years of keeping and breeding these fantastic species and news of what I’m doing now.

I always welcome your comments and look forward to chatting with you.