My Blue/Gold spawning

blue angelfish

I recently bought some new angels to add to my collection. At the Spring BCA convention auction I bought what was described as a breeding pair of gold angels. They were large adult fish so I was hopeful of a spawning quite soon. As soon as I introduced them into my community tank they started to spar with each other, going through the usual jaw locking and side thrashing that we normally see when a pair bond is being formed.

blue angelfish However, after several weeks of this behaviour I began to suspect that my ‘pair’ were not. This was shortly confirmed when one of them actually spawned with a small blue/gold female. Since they were in a large angelfish community it was no surprise that the spawning didn’t survive very long.Since I clearly had a pair I decided that I should separate them off into a 24 x 15 x 12 breeding tank to see what I would get from them.
After some feeding up with Tetra Prima, frozen brine shrimp and frozen bloodworm the pair duly obliged me with another spawning. I keep my breeding pairs in RO water rather than my local tap water.The only reason for this is because I feel that the eggs hatch better in the soft water conditions of RO. Angels will breed quite happily in harder water but I have found the hatching rate to be much lower. angelfish blue-gold-wrigglers

The fry hatch in about 5 days at between 75 and 80 degrees fahrenheit and are swimming by around 10 days. It is important that the fry are fed very quickly after they become free swimming so I make sure that I have some newly hatched brine shrimp available for them by then. Because I am breeding all the time I have brine shrimp on the go continually so I’m not often caught out without any ready.

The fry are now about 3 weeks old and growing well. Already there are lots of different patterns showing up and I can’t wait to see what they turn out like when they get older.

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