Angel Fish A Great Addition To Any Tropical Fish Tank

The Angelfish is one of the most striking and beautiful of all the freshwater tropical fish. They have been a very popular species among fish keepers throughout the world. Angelfish is a fish which is found in slow flowing river waters of America. Their highly compressed cylindrical body distinguishes it from the majority of species kept making it perhaps the most recognizable and beautiful fish available. Despite its’ shape the Angelfish is member of the cichlid family and is available in an increasing variety of colors like black, silver, gold, marble, blue and a combination of all of these. With it’s elongated dorsal and anal fins it can become a very large fish. Males especially can grow to 12 inches or more from the tip of the dorsal to the tip of the anal fin.

Apart from looks, there are various others factors that favour the angelfish to be one of the top most choices among fish keepers. The Angelfish is one of the easiest egg laying fish to breed. They are not generally picky feeders, they can live on just flaked food, but it is always advisable to provide a varied diet of frozen food and live brine shrimp. Frozen blood worms can be included in the diet but I would always thaw it out in a fine net and wash it thoroughly.

To keep angelfish, you need an aquarium of 30 gallons or larger depending upon the number and sizes of the fishes. When choosing a tank for angel fish always keep in mind that you will need a deep tank because of the depth of the fins in adult fish, if you are having gravel the anticipated depth of the gravel will need to be added to the overall depth chosen. I would recommend an aquarium that is at least 24 inches deep so that the fins don’t drag the bottom. Generally speaking the larger the tank is, the larger the angel fish will grow. You will need to keep the water temperature of aquarium around 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although angelfish are delicate looking in appearance they are in fact a reasonable hardy species. In fact, at times angelfishes can be very violent and will happily devour smaller fishes in the tank so take this factor into account when picking tank mates.

In the wild angelfishes are shoaling fish so if you can afford a large tank to house a few angels they will be a very rewarding site. All in all keeping an angelfish tank is a very rewarding hobby. A well planted angel fish tank are easy in maintenance and the joy that you will have in keeping all the angelfish is long lasting, so what else are you looking for, go and order an angelfish tank

Author: James Dorans


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